The Perfect Summer Beer From Every State

If you’re like me and love a good beer, you’ll appreciate this list! Summertime is not summertime unless there’s a cold beer in your hand. Or a cold beer in both hands, if you have your priorities straight. And with brewing a boomin’, we’ve reached a point where every state is pumping out great beers that basically define the summer, beers that somehow taste better when the sun’s beating down, the BBQ is fired up, or you’re just kind of lazily floating on a river. Or all of those things, if you have a huge raft. These are the best beers for summer in each state. Not all of them are summer seasonals. And not all of them are the very best craft beer in the state. Nope. These are the beers that simply take a summer day from good to great in the hearts and stomachs of their birthplaces. FIND OUT ABOUT THE BEERS

Chenee Coleman
The Collective Realty
DRE: 01916085

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