Renters win fight against condo conversion in Hancock Park

So last year, I was interested in an amazing 2000 square foot apartment on Stanley and Wilshire. It had all the charm, the much needed space and location I needed. We meet with the landlord and she tells us she put the building under the Ellis Act. This basically allows landlords to take rental property off the market for a specified amount of time and convert to condos. In the meantime, as a renter, you don’t fall under any rent control laws and can literally be evicted at anytime. Same thing happened in Hancock Park recently. 

Tenants of a small rental property on the western edge of Hancock Park scored a victory this week when they successfully appealed the conversion of their building into condos.

In a unanimous decision, the Central Area Planning Commission voted to uphold the appeal, filed by residents of the building and members of the Los Angeles Tenants Union. READ MORE

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